Swivel Guns

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Swivel Guns


Combat Role Close-Quarters Protection

Swivel Guns are a unique type of cannon mounted on many ships which rotate significantly faster and fires a conical blast instead of a solid projectile. Though this blast does not deal damage to ships, it is extremely effective in dealing with groups of enemies which may be moving towards you. Because of these properties, Swivel Guns require Swivel Gun Ammunition to fire instead of Round Shot and are only able to be placed on designated Swivel Gun mounts.

There are also two unique variants of the Swivel Gun, being the Spotlight Swivel Gun and the Advanced Swivel Gun, of which the player will get one of each for redeeming a Minnowclad Voucher.. As the name would imply, the Spotlight Swivel Gun has a spotlight mounted on the top-right of the cannon, whereas the Advanced Swivel Gun has an ironsight at the front of the cannon.

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