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Type Ketch
Role Support
Hull Strength 8800
Speed 10
Turn Rate 10
Armament 6x Heavy Cannon, 1x Heavy Mortar (Bow)
Max Cargo 2
Round Shot Storage Storage for 30 Cannon Balls


Metal 65
Wood 330
Doubloons 28000
Level 6
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... The Manta's reinforced bow allows her to carry a heavy mortar.

The Manta is a mortar ship armed with a heavy mortar on its bow, the only non-ironclad (excluding voucher ships) capable of carrying this size of mortar. In exchange for this, it has decreased broadside cannon armament, cargo capacity, and hull strength compared to contemporaries. The Manta is best used as a support ship, firing at the enemy from a distance with its mortar and long ranged broadside. It should be noted that aiming the mortar on a Manta is difficult, as the rocking of the ship alters the trajectory.


  • The Manta is the "Older Sister" of the Kestrel, mounting more cannons of a larger caliber, and providing room for a larger mortar on the bow.
  • The Manta uses the hull from the Shark

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