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Type Ketch
Role Support
Hull Strength 11500
Speed 9
Turn Rate 12
Armament 4x Medium Cannon, 1x Medium Mortar (Bow)
Max Cargo 6
Round Shot Storage Storage for 40 Cannon Balls


Metal 60
Wood 280
Doubloons 15000
Level 5
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... The Kestrel's reinforced bow allows her to be armed with a long-range mortar.

The Kestrel is the first mortar ship most players will have access to. Its ability to mount a Medium Mortar provides a long-range combat capability unavailable to the average merchant or pirate, however it is rarely seen in combat due to being outclassed by the Manta in speed, durability, and firepower.


  • The Kestrel can be described as the "younger sister" of the Manta, as they have similar profiles, cannon layouts, and playstyles.

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