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Type Topsail Schooner
Role Mercantile
Hull Strength 6000
Speed 8
Turn Rate 13
Armament 2x Medium Cannon
Max Cargo 5


Metal 30
Wood 140
Doubloons 10000
Level 4
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... Though sacrificing two cannons for an extra cargo unit, the Arrow's speed ensures that you will be able to outrun nearly any attacker.

The Arrow is a merchant-oriented ship with an emphasis on speed, primarily focused on outrunning pirates. The lack of cargo capacity may deter avid traders.


  • The Arrow is similar to the Bullet and Dart, having the same general shape and the reference to "sacrificing two cannons".
  • The Arrow was removed from the shipwright in the 20 April 2021 update.

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