Ghost Ships

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Ghost Ships
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Type Redeemable


Other Ghost Ship Vouchers

Ghost Ships are special ships available only by redeeming Ghost Ship Vouchers at the Ghostship Merchant NPC at Freeport. There are three types of Ghost Ship Vouchers: Blue vouchers released in 2016, Red vouchers released in 2017, and Green vouchers released in 2021. Ghost ships are exactly similar to normal ships, except for the fact that they will turn into a transparent, glowing silhouette at night. The wood type of a ghost ship is randomly determined when it is redeemed, being denoted by a prefix corresponding to the wood, with the wood also affecting the color of its silhouette.

Wood & Silhouette Color
Prefix Wood Silhouette Color
Ghostly Ash White
Ghastly Grimewood Green
Ghoulish Ironwood Light Blue
Spooky Ebony Dark Blue
Spectral Inyolan Oak Magenta
Demonic Blood Oak Red

Redeemable Ships

Blue Ghost Ship Vouchers (2016)
Ship Voucher Cost
Starling 1
Bullet 2
Marauder 3
Widgeon 4
Serpent 5
Stiletto 5
Neptune 20
Red Ghost Ship Vouchers (2017)
Ship Voucher Cost
Pelican 1
Starling 1
Dart 1
Pheasant 2
Kestrel 2
Goose 4
Marlin 4
Manta 5
Cutlass 6
Kraken 10
Poseidon 20
Green Ghost Ship Vouchers (2021)
Ship Voucher Cost
Taipan 1
Hook 3
Osprey 6
Tyrant 6
Retaliator 7
Mastiff 10
Pigeon 10
Binglehopper 20


  • A ghost Astraeus and Atlas could also originally be redeemed for 10 Blue and Red vouchers respectively, however this was removed when the Atlas and Astraeus were made uncraftable on the April 20th, 2021 update.

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