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Type Cutter
Role Escort
Hull Strength 3300
Speed 8
Turn Rate 16
Armament 2x Light Cannon
Max Cargo 4


Metal 5
Wood 40
Doubloons 1000
Level 0
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... The Sparrow's increased maximum armament makes up for her lack of cargo capacity.

The Sparrow is a very convenient starting ship for any new player to the game. It's fairly low cargo capacity of 4 is made up for by it's faster speed compared to other ships at its level.

The ship is relatively low-cost if a player wishes to construct one themselves, but it is given to players for free as one of the Starter Ships.


  • Named after the Sparrow family of birds.
  • As of 11/6/2018, this ship is given for free as one of the Starter Ships to all new players, bearing the name "Starter Sparrow".
  • As of the 20 April 2021 update, the Sparrow is one of the two starter ships available to new players, with the other being the Swallow.

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