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Type Three-Masted Schooner
Role Mercantile
Hull Strength 8000
Speed 9
Turn Rate 10
Armament 8x Heavy Cannon
Max Cargo 15
Command Cost 4


Metal 55
Wood 340
Doubloons 26500
Level 6
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... The Marlin is the perfect ship for any captain that wants to take a lot of cargo someplace quickly.

The Marlin is a vessel built for mercantile purposes that sports a formidable armament, allowing her to comfortably defend against attackers provided she has a crew to man the guns. Despite her impressive firepower, her hull is fairly weak. Like the Beaver or Pheasant, the Marlin is a common sight for players who trade and is a staple trade ship. The ships' good cargo capacity as well as its decent speed and crosswind capabilities due to its sail type, makes it a good trading vessel. One can use the Marlin until you get enough for an Mastiff which is an upgrade in cargo hold but a downgrade in speed.


  • The Marlin and the Orca formerly shared a hull, until the recent remodels as of the 20 April 2021 update.
  • The Marlin is referenced to as the "Dolphin" in its decal name.

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