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Type Two-Masted Schooner
Role Multi-Purpose
Hull Strength 6000
Speed 11
Turn Rate 13
Armament 4x Light Cannon, 1x Light Cannon (Bow)
Max Cargo 8


Metal 40
Wood 200
Doubloons 12500
Level 4
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... Need to outrun those pesky pirates? No worries! The Bullet can get the job done with ease.

The Bullet, like the Dart, is a speed 11 ship, making it among the fastest ships in the game. It is not a preferred combat ship as the armament of the Bullet (4x light cannons) and one chaser (light) is not all that impressive. For traders, the Bullet offers the speed to outrun pirates, though it sacrifices cargo capacity for this. Pirates tend to favor the Bullet when boarding because of the chaser gun and the ability to combat tag trading ships.


  • The Bullet bears a few similarities to the Arrow and Dart due to their collectively shared hull.
  • The Bullet is the only speed 9 ship with a chaser gun.

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