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Type Steamship
Role Mercantile
Hull Strength 24000
Speed 7, 7 with Engine
Turn Rate 7
Armament 4x Medium Cannon, 1x Medium Turret (Stern), 6x Swivel Gun
Max Cargo 30
Round Shot Storage Storage for 100 Cannon Balls
Command Cost 9


Metal 320
Wood 1,600
Doubloons 2,000,000
Level 24
Other 1x Advanced Engine, 4x Steam Engine Parts
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... The Demeter is the Purshovian Navy's freighter of choice, often used as a collier to supply their fleets.

The Demeter is a massive mercantile ship of Purshovian origin, with the highest cargo capacity of any player-obtainable ship. Its strong hull and quick engine makes it very difficult to catch and take down, making it an effective high-capacity ship even in high threat environments, however this comes at the expense of having an extremely poor armament. Armed with only a pair of Medium Cannons on each side and a Medium Turret on the stern, the Demeter is reliant on using its engine and stern turret to keep away from threats rather than combating them directly.


  • The Demeter alongside the Ares was added on May 5th, 2022 and was buildable until May 25th, 2022.
  • The Demeter was buildable as a promotion for the Wessel's Exotic Wares community auction.
  • The Demeter is the second player-obtainable Purshovian ship after the Poseidon.
  • The Demeter is the only wooden sailship to be able to hold turrets.

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