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Type Bermuda Sloop
Role Multi-Purpose
Hull Strength 6000
Speed 11
Armament 4x Light Cannons
Max Cargo 8
Command Cost 4


Metal 30
Wood 140
Doubloons 8000
Level 3
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... Designed for speed, the Dart is an excellent choice for captains trying to avoid trouble (or cause it.)

The Dart, is one of the fastest ships in the game, trading cargo capacity, hit-points, and cannon slots for the ability to travel fast. The Dart, while a half decent starter combat ship considering its level and fast speed, only has an armament of 4 light cannons. However, it functions well as a good starter trading ship, and even pirate ship, with its ability to outrun pirates or catch up to traders, while maintaining a decent cargo hold.


  • The Dart is most similar to a Bullet, the differences being in their armament and sail arrangement.
  • The Dart is the polar opposite of ships like the Heron and Pelican, which trade speed for higher cargo capacity.
  • Along with the Bullet and Arrow, the Dart got a rework in May 2020. This changed the speed, model, and cannon configuration.

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