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Type Steamer
Role Personal Transport
Hull Strength 1200
Speed 7, 7 with engine
Turn Rate 16
Max Cargo 0


Metal 250
Wood 500
Doubloons 75,000
Level 9
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... A symbol of wealth.

The Steamfish is a level 9 ship with with little use other than showing off one's personal fortune. The ship is very expensive but is largely impractical for any serious use. Its moderately fast steam engine allows for quick transport upwind.


  • The Steamfish is based on an old meme from around the time of the initial steamship updates to the game.
  • This vessel is not to be confused with the Super Steamfish variants, which cannot be crafted and must instead be purchased with a Steam Goldfish Voucher.
  • The Steamfish was removed from the shipwright in the 20 April 2021 update.

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