Cutlass (Ship)

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Cutlass (Ship).png


Type Galleon
Role Blockade Runner
Hull Strength 11000
Speed 10
Turn Rate 12
Armament 4x Heavy Cannon, 2x Swivel Gun
Max Cargo 16
Round Shot Storage Storage for 50 Cannon Balls
Command Cost 5


Metal 120
Wood 660
Doubloons 56500
Level 9
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... The Cutlass is ideal for making sure your cargo does not get stolen.

The Cutlass is an extremely fast and maneuverable ship that combines a fair cargo hold with a good armament and breakneck downwind speed. With the fastest speed downwind of any ship in the game, nothing will catch a Cutlass going directly downwind, and its fast turnspeed allows it to quickly evade threats, though keep in mind that the Cutlass quickly loses speed as it turns Crosswind. Its pair of Heavy Cannons allows it to also engage in mild combat, with great wind tilt allowing it to fire from great range. Of course, this all comes at the expense of health due to its low crew size, and so care should be taken not to exchange broadsides with larger ships.


  • The Cutlass is not to be confused with the sword Cutlass.
  • It shares the same hull as the Stiletto, but trades the Stiletto's pair of medium cannons on the bow for the ability to hold ten cargo.

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