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Type Fluyt
Role Combat
Hull Strength 22000
Speed 8
Turn Rate 9
Armament 18x Light Cannon, 2x Light Cannon (Bow)
Max Cargo 0
Round Shot Storage Storage for 200 Cannon Balls
Command Cost 8


Metal 280
Wood 1,400
Doubloons 700,000
Level 10
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... The Pigeon's 9-gun broadside makes it ideal for large crew.

The Pigeon is a large warship with the highest broadside count of any obtainable ship in the game alongside a surprising turnrate for a ship of its size and power, making for a surprisingly mobile ship for its type. The Pigeon's 2 chasers also reach an impressive range due to the upward curvature and height of the deck where they rest, though don't underestimate the range of its broadside either. While its Light Cannons may result in its damage being lower than would be expected from a ship of its size, the range offered by Light Cannons combined with the layout of the Pigeon enables it to engage at distances which ships of more powerful broadsides cannot.


  • The Pigeon is the only Fluyt not a part of the Goose family.
  • The Pigeon, alongside the Mastiff, was added on April 21, 2021.

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