Veteran Sparrow

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Veteran Sparrow
Veteran Sparrow.png


Type Cutter
Role Escort
Hull Strength 3300
Speed 8
Turn Rate 16
Armament 2x Heavy Cannons
Max Cargo 4
Round Shot Storage Storage for 20 Cannon Balls


Metal 500
Wood 40
Doubloons 10000
Level 100
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... The Sparrow's increased maximum armament makes up for her lack of cargo capacity. This one's seen it all.

The Veteran Sparrow is a modified Sparrow introduced and unlockable only for a limited time to Level 100 or higher players during the April Fools update of 2022. This Sparrow is encapsulated in a defensive shell of war-torn battle armor, sandbags, and razorwire; harboring a supply crate of Strange Muskets; armed with heavy cannons, and includes nihilistic adages such as "I DIDNT VOTE FOR FLIPPY AND IM STILL FIGHTING HIS WARS" and "BORN TO FEEL". All previously stated characteristics (aside from cannon size) are for aesthetic purposes only and provide no combat advantage.

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