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Type Ship-of-the-Line
Role Combat
Hull Strength 27000
Speed 8
Turn Rate 7
Armament 12x Medium Long Gun, 4x Medium Carronade, 2x Medium Mortar
Max Cargo 16
Round Shot Storage Storage for 300 Cannon Balls


Doubloons N/A
Other N/A


Hauler Variant 12x Medium Long Gun
  • Max Cargo = 16
  • Hull Strength = 24000
Brawler Variant 12x Heavy Long Gun, 4x Medium Carronade

The Hind is an exclusive ship to people who bought it at the Burkeland Auction in June, 2023. The ship features an imposing armament, destined to send any attacking ship on the run if they get in range of it's menacing 20-cannon broadside. It's speed more than makes up it's relatively small cargo capacity on it's base variant, although the latter could be upgraded using the Hauler Variant, making it's stats nearly identical to that of the Camel.

Named Hinds

Below is a list of the special upgraded Hinds.

Combination Table
Wood Type Name
Ebony USS Dolla Bill
Inyola Oak Caribou
Spruce Blackbuck
Blood Oak Pronghorn
Ironwood Samuar
Maple Barasingha
Ash Chital
Angelwood Whitetail
Oak Taruca


  • Just like the Ares and Pangolin from previous community auctions, only a few people are in possession of the Hind, there being only 9 owners of special upgraded versions.
  • A Hind can be transferred to another player by the current owner requesting a transfer from moderation and paying a 1,000,000 Doubloon fee.
  • The USS Dolla Bill has a unique variant only it alone has.

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