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Type Ironclad
Role Combat
Hull Strength 28000
Speed 7, 7 with Engine
Turn Rate 7
Armament 3x Medium Turret, 4x Swivel Gun
Max Cargo 18
Round Shot Storage Storage for 250 Cannon Balls


Doubloons N/A
Level N/A

The Ares is an imposing yet surprisingly quick Purshovian ironclad. Having been used in multiple official roleplay events, it is said to be used by the Purshovian navy for missions requiring a both fast and powerful ironclad. Its armament of 3 medium turrets gives it a greater firepower than the Poseidon or Binglehopper, while a set of 4 Swivel Guns provide ample protection against any would-be boarders.


  • There are only 5 player owned Ares, each of which were first auctioned off to CursedKrampus, Auixe, Waldolover64, DiceTheWizard, and DrDiggeridoo during the Wessel's Exotic Wares auction.
  • An Ares can be transferred to another player by the current owner requesting a transfer from moderation and paying a 1,000,000 Doubloon fee.
  • This is the third Purshovian ship to be added to be obtainable, after the Poseidon and Demeter.
  • The Ares is the first ironclad to have sails.
  • The Ares hull is similar to that of the Demeter, focusing more on combat compared to the Demeter's mercantile role.

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