War Koi

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War Koi
War Koi.png


Type Rowboat
Role Destruction
Hull Strength 1200
Speed Variable
Turn Rate 20
Armament 1x Heavy Mortar
Max Cargo 2


Metal 20
Wood 100
Doubloons 0
Level 2
Other Mortar Platform Voucher x2
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... Who needs wind when you have a giant mortar?

The War Koi is a paddle boat with compatibility for a heavy cannon or mortar. It is most notable for its ability to move backwards at full speed, allowing the crew to "run-and-gun" effectively. Due to the relatively high crew requirement and extremely specialized capabilities, it is rarely seen in a combat setting.


  • The War Koi is the only paddle-propelled mortar ship, alongside being the only mortar ship that can go directly backwards.
  • The War Koi resembles two Koi hulls attached via a pallet of wood between them.
  • The War Koi requires rowers, each with a paddle, to allow the ship to move.

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