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Type Ironclad
Role Combat
Hull Strength 18000
Speed Varliable
Armament 2x Medium Turret
Max Cargo 0
Round Shot Storage Storage for 200 Cannon Balls


Metal 1500
Wood 800
Doubloons 1500000
Level ???
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... Used '20 Poseidon. Only 600 miles. Engine needs rebuild. No lowballs, please, I know what I've got.

The Rowseidon is an ironclad ship that uses paddles to move around. Due to it's speed and armament and health it can be considered an upgrade or side-grade to the Raider ship. The turrets make it so that it can shoot in any direction during a battle.


  • A Cladifier can be used to change the metal material of the Rowseidon from Iron to the metal of the Cladifier.

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