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Type Junk
Role Multi-Purpose
Hull Strength 12500
Speed 8
Turn Rate 9
Max Cargo 12
Round Shot Storage Storage for 120 Cannon Balls


Metal 200
Wood 900
Doubloons 85000
Level 10
Other 1 Kraken Voucher
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... The Kraken's large, forward-facing mortars are sure to strike fear into the hearts of any foe.

The Kraken' is a level 10 ship with strong armament and high cargo capacity, allowing it to fill many roles in and out of combat. Its crosswind capabilities give it an edge as a trading ship. The Kraken is commonly seen as a combat ship because of its forward-facing firepower and high health.


  • Previously, this ship was only unlockable via reward from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" event in 2017 or obtained via the use of 10 Ghost Ship Vouchers. However, the ship was later made accessible to all players around February 13, 2020. The ship now requires Ship Vouchers to construct, obtainable through purchase with Scrap.
  • The Kraken has a unique mortar placement farther back in the ship, lowering range, but allowing two light cannons to be fit on the bow as chasers. These mortars can nearly turn 90 degrees to one side.

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