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Type Brig
Role Combat
Hull Strength 17000
Speed 9
Turn Rate 9
Armament 12x Heavy Cannon
Max Cargo 0
Round Shot Storage Storage for 180 Cannon Balls


Metal 300
Wood 960
Doubloons 140000
Level 10
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... The Osprey's powerful broadsides will send any sensible enemy running.

The Osprey is a heavily armed and compact combat ship, able to decimate most opponents which get caught in its intense broadside of 6 heavy cannons. Compared to the Retaliator, a ship of similar broadside power and size, the Osprey has a stronger hull and faster turn speed at the expense of range and crosswind ability.


  • While ordinarily the Osprey is only usable by the Nova Balreska Navy in official roleplay, it can also be used by any faction that controls Perth.

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