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Type Longship
Role Pillaging
Hull Strength 8000
Speed Variable
Turn Rate 16
Armament 2x Light Cannon (Bow)
Max Cargo 8


Metal 35
Wood 250
Doubloons 24000
Level 5
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... The Raider is perfect for the aspiring Hallengard warrior. Also good for ab workouts. Has no sails. Requires at least 2 rowers to row effectively.

The Raider is one of the few paddle-based ships in the game, requiring a crew of well-coordinated paddlers to move at an optimum speed in any direction, regardless of the wind direction. With a full crew of 6, the raider is the fastest of any ship in the game alongside the highest maneuverability, making it an excellent boarding ship. Similarly to other paddle boats, due to its fast turn speed and requirement for teamwork, it can easily spin out of control if the paddlers are not careful enough with their coordination.


  • Due to Hallengard no longer existing in roleplay, the Raider is currently unusable in war.
  • An "Advanced Raider" exists, but very few people own one. The Advanced Raider has dyeable shields mounted on the side, larger cannons, two extra rower positions, two swivel mounts, and a radio.
  • The ship itself and its exclusive variant are both inspired from Viking Longships.

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