Veteran Sparrow II

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Veteran Sparrow II
Veteran Sparrow II.png


Type Cutter
Role Escort
Hull Strength 3300
Speed 8
Turn Rate 16
Armament 2x Heavy Cannons
Max Cargo 4
Round Shot Storage Storage for 20 Cannon Balls


Metal 500
Wood 40
Doubloons 10000
Level 100
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... The Sparrow's increased maximum armament makes up for her lack of cargo capacity. This one remembers the good old days.

The Veteran Sparrow II is a modified Sparrow introduced and unlockable only for a limited time to Level 100 or higher players during the April Fools update of 2023. This Sparrow is encapsulated in a defensive shell of fort-like armor; armed with heavy cannons, and includes patriotic adages such as "DAY 1 WHITECREST VETERAN" and "When I was Admiral iron was FREE" and "Real Kings Aren't Elected". All previously stated characteristics (aside from cannon size) are for aesthetic purposes only and provide no combat advantage.

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