Long Guns

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Long Guns


Combat Role Long-Range Broadsides

Long Guns are one of the three cannon types in Tradelands, with the others being Carronades and Mortars. As with all cannons, they require round shots either in the gunner's inventory or in the ship's ammunition storage to fire (with the exception of port cannons, which do not require round shots to fire as of an update on September 29, 2020). Compared to Carronades, they deal less damage, but have more range. Larger cannons do more damage, but can only be mounted on ships that have the ability to mount cannons at or above their size.

The Baconhair Long Gun is a special, crate-exclusive long gun from 2015 which fires the Pal Hair Roblox Accessory rather than a round shot out of the cannon.

The Cupid’s Long Gun (Not to be confused with its Carronade counterpart or its Mortar counterpart) is a special Long Gun which was on sale for a limited time in the premium merchant during the Valentine’s Day event, which fires a large amount of heart particles out of the cannon alongside a pink projectile. Visually, it is made from Angelwood and an unknown pink metal.

The Twin 9-Pounder Long Guns are a special pair of Long Guns occassionally obtainable from Mystery Crates which is two 9-Pounder Long Guns taking up a single Size 3 slot, able to fire two shots with separate reload timers. Despite legacy cannons now using the same stats as reworked cannons, Twin 9-Pounders use the same damage and range values as legacy 9-Pounders.



Cannon Name Cannon Size Crafting Level Crafting Recipe
Light Long Gun 1 1 35 metal, 20 wood
Medium Long Gun 2 7 60 metal, 35 wood
Heavy Long Gun 3 9 80 metal, 45 wood
Demeter Long Gun 4 (Turret) 10 300 metal, 60 wood
Poseidon Long Gun 4 (Turret) 10 350 metal, 60 wood
Neptune Twin Long Guns 5 (Turret) 10 400 metal, 60 wood
Neptune Howitzer (Long Gun) 5 (Turret) 10 380 metal, 60 wood
Bacon Long Gun 2 n/a n/a
Cupid's Long Gun 2 n/a n/a
Twin 9-Pounder Long Guns 3 n/a n/a

An update on October 15, 2020 re-worked the cannon size system to simplify it. Prior to this, cannon sizes were organised into 'Pounder' levels. All legacy cannons had their stats changed to be the same as their current counterpart.


Cannon Name Legacy Cannon Size Crafting Level Current Cannon Size
6-Pounder 2 1 1
9-Pounder 2 1 1
12-Pounder 3 2 1
18-Pounder 4 3 1
24-Pounder 5 5 2
32-Pounder 6 7 2
36-Pounder 7 8 3
42-Pounder 8 9 3
42T Turret 9 10 4

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