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Locations in Tradelands serve as hubs for players to interact with other players and various NPCs, each island having its unique geography, significance and cargo. The various islands are scattered across three different regions: the Grand Isles, the

Eastern Sea, and Burkeland.

Grand Isles

The region in which all players start, the Grand Isles has the largest collection of islands of all the regions and is home to all of the playable factions.

Blackwind Cove

The home of the Blackwind Pirates, all pirates in the Grand Isles will spawn here. The various rocks and the large ring around the island serve as a natural defence against attackers, with two batteries overlooking each entrance into the bay to deal with any would-be do-gooders.

Cannoneer's Key

In the far southwest of the map, this island shares the similar rocky exterior of Blackwind though lacks the cannons defending its bay. As one of the two islands on which Onyx can be mined and one of three which sells fish cargo, this island is not one to be disregarded.


A fort of Burkelandic construction, it has since been conquered by Purshovia and now acts as their forward base of operations in the Grand Isles. Heavily fortified with high walls, multiple swivel guns facing into the entrance and a forward battery to boot, attacking Clydesdale is an extremely difficult endeavour which has only been accomplished a handful of times. Despite not having a cargo trader, this island is home to the mining machine Steamy, who will mine iron for any player who claims him. Be wary though, as there are no restrictions on who can attack whom on this island, you can even be attacked by your teammates!


This set of four islands has been a territory of Whitecrest since its inception, offering closer vantage to the centre of the Grand Isles and their longtime rivals Nova Balreska. This island once held a great pagoda fort on the northwest island used during the Inyolan occupation of Whitecrest as a coal depot for its traders and military, however, this pagoda was burned during a rebel attack and the fort would be rendered unusable, later crumbling into nothingness.

Fort Verner

This island was first owned by and named after the Verner Expedition which occupied it, before being given to Hallengard upon the defeat of the Verdantine Sovereignty in May 2016 and being renamed to Isle Hallengard. After many years, the Hallengard Navy was disbanded in October of 2020 and the island would be reconquered by Nova Balreska, restoring the island's original name in honour of the faction which birthed it. The island has multiple cannon batteries atop high walls to keep out invaders, as well as a pair of large mortars in the centre to pelt enemy ships which go near the island, acting as the spawn location for the Hallengard team.


A formerly independent island directly west of Whitecrest and south of Verdantium under the ownership of Whitecrest Freeport is known to have Republican Tradition and Whitecrest Heritage. The island is known to rebel against foreign occupiers. Freeport has various unique NPC vendors including a fish trader, a brawling ring, and a mineshaft holding rocks from which Onyx can be mined alongside a chessboard in public servers or a harpischord in private servers, Freeport remains unique despite its plain geography.


A colony of Burkeland, Harrisburg has long stood as a reminder of Burkeland's influence over the Grand Isles as well as the residence of a fish trader and the Scrap Dealer. Curiously, despite not being the spawn location of any playable faction, metals and woods that can only be mined from non-spawn islands such as Saltpeter, gems or Angelwood cannot be mined on Harrisburg.


An island located south of Cannoneer's Key and Saint Christopher, not shown on the map. The island mainly consists of a mountain and a small town at the base of it, with tropical trees located on the island, similar to the ones on Corsica. Mallorca as of now cannot be reached by any ship.


A former Burkeland colony and former home island of the Republic of Nassau, Nassau is an archipelago known for its distinctive lighthouse and long distance to other islands relative to other spawn islands. Often used as a stopping location for many traders, Nassau holds a battery and a pair of mortars facing the island's north side to repel any would-be pirates from interfering with their trade.


A pair of islands close to the centre of the Grand Isles, this war-torn location has been subject to invasion by every faction in the Grand Isles, particularly in the constant wars between Whitecrest and Nova Balreska who both see it as their rightful territory.


Another former Burkelandic colony, Salem is an island which lies in the far west of the Grand Isles. Not unlike Perth, Salem is another island which has been thrown between various factions across many wars, including Burkeland, Nova Balreska, Nassau, and even a brief period of independence.

Saint Christopher

The second of the two fort islands in the Grand Isles, Saint Christopher is yet another Burkelandic construct which was given to Nassau when it gained its independence. The bastion construct of the fort allows its defenders to peak onto invaders from multiple angles and fire from swivels even more numerous than on Clydesdale. Much like Clydesdale, there is no cargo trader and no limits on who can attack who on Saint Christopher, however, it does not have a mining machine.


Originally a Purshovian colony, the island of Verdantium declared independence 30 years before the events of Tradelands, forming the Verdantine Sovereignty. After the Verner Expedition conquered Verdantine, the island was rechristened as the new home of Nova Balreska who controls it to this day. The most heavily fortified of all the spawn islands in the Grand Isles, Verdantium has various batteries and mortars positioned across the island along with the imposing Fort Gallant on its northern end. It is also home to the Sword and Star Tavern, which serves various consumables and acts as a reminder of the island's origins.


The home of the long-standing Kingdom of Whitecrest, Whitecrest sits in the southeast of the Grand Isles. Housing a small fort on the southern end of the island, a statue of the late King EPICMON999 in the town, and a pizzeria on the northern end, Whitecrest is where many players will start the game and serve as a good example for the rest of the game through its combination of urban, fortified, and open geographies.

Eastern Sea

Located to the east of the Grand Isles, as the name would suggest, the Eastern Sea is a mostly empty region with a spare few islands.


Densely populated by trees and a swamp-like environment, Corsica is a mostly uninhabited island notable for its NPCs bearing outfits similar to the Blackwind Pirates and ruined walls. Despite being thickly wooded, the trees on Corsica cannot be chopped down and yield no resources. This island serves as the spawn location for the Blackwind and Hallengard teams in the Eastern Sea.


The only known Inyolan island, this small, undefended island lacks a trader but is decorated by various antique, valuable Inyolan artifacts. In addition to the artifacts, a merchant is located at Merope that sells Artifact repair kits for 1,000,000 Doubloons.


The only fort island outside of the Grand Isles, this fort is unique in that despite its high walls it is completely unarmed. This island serves as the spawn location for the Whitecrest, Nova Balreska, and Nassau teams in the Eastern Sea.


North of the Grand Isles and home to the islands which make up Burkeland, this region has the largest landmasses of any region in-game. With structures including a massive shipyard, a large fort on the southeastern island, a just as impressive battery on the main island, an impressive combat arena, multiple merchants in the plaza, and a restaurant selling various food furnitures, what Burkeland lacks in number of islands it more than makes up for in scale. Many traders come here with cargo from Nassau or Cannoneer's Key thanks to their high sell price.

Other Islands


Swansboro is an isle located just west of Salem, it is Purshovian Owned and is only accessible through Roleplay.


Lysi is an isle located west of Salem, it is Purshovian Owned and is only accessible through Roleplay. This region, similar to Corsica, has large, tall trees that reward no resources by chopping. Lysi is also home to the Lysi Steelworks, a large building known for producing Lysian Steel.


Westmere is a large isle to the far west of the Grand Isles. It is Purshovian-owned and sits close to the Purshovian Continent. Westmere is inaccessible to normal players, as it has only been seen through Roleplay. A large Whaling facility is located here, as well as a large stone pier located next to it.


Bern is an isle situated close to the Purshovian Continent, it is only accessible through Roleplay. A weapons factory is located near Bern, which is responsible for supplying weapons to the Purshovian homeland.