Whitecrest (Island)

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Whitecrest is the home island of the Kingdom of Whitecrest. It is located towards the southeast of the map, and its closest neighboring island is Fenwick.


The NPC Trader Nicholas is the vendor who sells cargo at Whitecrest.

List of Cargo
Cargo Price
Paper 0 - 30 doubloons
Cocoa 0 - 30 doubloons
Furniture 1 Mahogany



The fort is defensive structure located at the southern side of the island. There are 2 NPCs at the fort: Warehouse Manager Lieutenant Hemmsly; Dockmaster Captain Chang. The fort has 3 distinct levels, and a stone courtyard on its side. Whitecrest's prison is located in the fort's interior, where players who combat log are placed. The fort is armed with 10 long guns and 1 mortar; 3 of the long guns face southwards on the second level, 2 face northwards on the second level, 2 face westwards on the second level, and finally the remaining 3 long guns and 1 mortar are on the top level of the fort.

Cannon Battery

The cannon battery, often referred to as the "Northern Battery", is located at the northwest-most tip of Whitecrest. The battery is armed with 6 long guns.

Central Battery

The central battery is a defensive structure located at the northside of Whitecrest's main town area. It consists of a raised wooden platform behind a stone wall armed with 3 long guns.


The Pizzeria is a large white building located on the northern side of the island. It is often considered the Whitecrest counterpart to Nova Balreska's Sword and Star tavern. However, unlike the Sword and Star, the Pizzeria does not sell any items, but it does have a playable checkers board inside of it.

The music that plays in the Pizzeria is an instrumental remix of the song "Funiculi Funicula".


A statue of former king EPICMON999 can be found in the central area of the island, near where players who play as Whitecrest would spawn.


  • Prior to January 14th, 2022, the central battery's middle cannon was a carronade instead of a long gun.
  • The statue of EPICMON999 once had a plaque that read "The Frag King".
  • When the statue at Whitecrest was first added, it was actually a statue of former king hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh33333.