Verner Expedition

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Verner Expedition


Government System N/A
Current Leader N/A


Whitecrest N/A
Nova Balreska N/A
Hallengard N/A
Blackwind Pirates N/A

Verner Expedition is a formerly-playable faction which was inhabited by refugees from the razed nation of Balresk and was introduced May 22, 2016. The young nation was ruled by a Governor, and had established a modest wooden fort known as Fort Verner on the island. The small nation was declared war upon by the Verdantine Sovereignty following the election of T3X4NACTU4L as Governor there. The Kingdom of Whitecrest came to the defense of the small nation, and following their victory over the people of Verdantium, the Verner Expedition annexed the islands of Verdantium and Perth, forming the nation of Nova Balreska.


Governor Time of Rule
Kagaros May 2016


The Verner Expedition only existed as a faction for about a week. As a result, Verner Expedition flag capes are usually sold for quite a large sum of doubloons.

The flag of the Verner Expedition became the Nova Balreskan Navy ensign, and is seen flying atop the ship-masts of Nova Balreska's Officers, Admirals, and leaders.

Most of the Verner Expedition members were refugees that originated from Balresk.

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