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Harrisburg is an island owned by Burkeland. It is located towards the northeast the map, and its closest neighboring island Fort Verner and Blackwind Cove.


Harrisburg has two cargo vendors. The NPCs Trader Harper sells regular cargo, while Fish Trader Bill Ross sells special fish cargo.

List of Cargo
Cargo Price
Molasses 0 - 30 doubloons
Chickens 0 - 30 doubloons
Farm Tools 0 - 30 doubloons
Mullet 12 Mullet
Mackarel 5 Mackarel



The docks is located on the southwest of the island. It consists of a seawall with wooden paths behind it, as well as 3 piers extending outwards. The dock area is where the NPCs at Harrisburg is located, such as Warehouse Manager Brian Harris. Harrisburg is somewhat abnormal, as it is a non-spawn island with a warehouse manager.

Cannon Battery

The cannon battery is a defensive structure located at the southwest of the island. It consists of a raised wooden platform behind a stone wall with parapets. It is armed with 3 long guns all facing the southwest.

Scrap Dealer

Scrap Dealer Chance the Scrapper is an unique vendor found in front of the orange house at the docks. They sell the Kraken Voucher and the Taipan Voucher.


Towards the northeast of the island is a large mound of rock that contains a large amount of mine-able rocks, making this a favorable mining location. However, rocks at Harrisburg does not drop saltpeter, gems, electrosteel and ice, like other non-spawn islands.


On the backside of the rocks (northeast), is an entrance into a cave inside of the rocks; the entrance itself has a brick arch. The cave has 4 mineable rocks.


  • Harrisburg is the only island located in the Grand Isles that is owned by Burkeland.