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NPCs (or Non-Player Characters) are found on every named island in Tradelands. Each NPC is useful to a player in different ways, and most will be used at some point. While NPCs are everywhere, some are special and only appear on certain islands, so it can be useful to know their locations. Note that the phrase "spawn island" refers to an island that, upon selecting a faction, the player can spawn at within the Grand Isles. "Any named island" refers to any island that is named on the map regardless of region.

NPC Types

NPC Function Locations
Dockmaster Spawns ships Any named island
Shipwright Build and scrap ships with materials from the player's warehouse Spawn islands
Cargo Trader Buy and sell standard cargo Any named island
Fish Trader Buy high value cargo in exchange for fish Cannoneer's Key, Freeport, Harrisburg
Warehouse Manager Deposit/withdraw items from the player's warehouse Spawn islands, Cannoneer's Key, Clydesdale, Freeport, Saint Christopher, Salem
General Merchant Sells general items for doubloons Spawn islands, Burkeland, Freeport
Loyalty Merchant Redeem Loyalty Tokens for various items Spawn islands, Burkeland, Freeport
Premium Merchant Sells various items for Robux and Premium Tokens Spawn islands, Burkeland, Freeport
Bounty Hunter View and place bounties on players in the server Spawn islands, Burkeland, Salem
Landlord Access and pay for houses Only on the player's current faction's spawn island
Mail Carrier Delivers items given by moderators Spawn islands, Burkeland
Scrap Dealer Redeem Scrap for a Kraken or Taipan voucher Harrisburg
Tavernkeeper Purchase consumables Blackwind Cove, Nova Balreska
Special Furniture Vendor Trade Loyalty Tokens for special furnitures Freeport
Accessory Vendor Purchase equipable accessories for Premium Tokens or Loyalty Tokens Freeport
Ghostship Merchant Redeem Ghostship Vouchers for a ghost ship Freeport
Innkeeper Trade Scrap for food furnitures Burkeland
Brek Brekerson Sells Spoiled Hardtack and Marks of Nahrluminati Blackwind Cove
Brek Brekberg Sells rare and unique goods to players with a Breki Wealth Token Blackwind Cove
Quack Quacks Blackwind Cove
Candy Trader Redeem Candy for Halloween furnitures Mallorca

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