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Factions are a dynamic part of Tradelands's lore and gameplay. Players must choose a faction every time they enter the game, though their selection is non-binding, and players can select a different faction upon rejoining. Many factions have a lore-significant counterpart, including player-run governments and navy hierarchy.

Playable Factions

These factions can play a role in ongoing Tradelands lore, and can be joined by any player on the official Tradelands Discord server.

Kingdom of Whitecrest

The oldest faction on the Grand Isles, Whitecrest has a long and storied history. Ruled by a King, the faction was long regarded as hegemon of the Grand Isles, but currently it faces external pressures from both the piracy in the region as well as Nova Balreska. Following their recent actions, they have unified with Nassau to form a mighty kingdom. Their territories include their home port Whitecrest, Nassau, Freeport, Fenwick as well as the Fort of Saint Christopher.

The name ‘Kingdom of Whitecrest and Nassau’ only effects Roleplay.

Nova Balreska

Nova Balreska has fought throughout its existence with countless invasions, coups, and overthrows. However, like tempered steel, the faction is strong from its experiences. In recent times, warring parties have unified under Nova Balreska to create a powerful navy. Although the faction was formerly ruled by an Admiral Junta, it has currently returned to democracy, electing a Chancellor to serve them. Their territories include their home port, Nova Balreska, as well as the islands of Fort Verner and Salem.

Blackwind Pirates

Arrrr! Blackwind is a faction composed of many crews, each seeking their fame and fortune by plundering the navies of the Grand Isles. Throughout history, they have brought great misfortune to the region and its inhabitants. Recognizable crews with enough members gain a seat at the Captain's Table, a hub where Captains discuss their trophies of war and ambitions. They are de-facto ruled by a combat-elected Pirate King, who makes faction-wide decisions, but crews individually are free to act and do on their own accord, choosing to side with anyone they like (or no one at all). They call Blackwind Cove home, using it as a base of operations for their pillaging.

Former Factions

These factions have been discontinued in the ongoing Tradelands lore. Each were formerly playable.

Verdantine Sovereignty

The Verdantine Sovereignty was a dictatorship situated where Nova Balreska is today. Its government was displaced by the Verner Expedition after a failed war of subjugation against them.


The former viking chiefdom of Hallengard was dissolved when the warriors of the faction sailed out for new opportunity, leaving the faction behind. With Hallengard's navy disbanded, all that remain are viking remnant on the Isle of Fort Verner, which was reclaimed by Nova Balreska following the chiefdom's disband.

Hallengard is still playable in-game, but has no presence in faction roleplay.

Republic of Nassau

Nassau was a democratic republic centered around the island of Nassau. Initially a territory of Burkeland, the island emerged as its own Republic after its rebellion. The faction would partake in many wars for its survival and to maintain its territories. Following a decisive victory over the Kingdom of Whitecrest, the two factions brokered a merger and unified into the Kingdom of Whitecrest and Nassau, with Whitecrest appointing Nassau’s leader as their own.

Nassau is still playable in-game, but has no presence in faction roleplay.

Verner Expedition

The Verner Expedition was a group of expeditionaries displaced when their native Balresk was attacked by an unknown power. After landing on Fort Verner, they were attacked by the Verdantine Sovereignty. They won, and displaced the Verdantines to become Nova Balreska.

Non-Player Character (NPC) Factions

Empire of Inyola

A mysterious superpower to the far east. Fond of junk-rigged sails.

Purshovian Federation

A superpower to the west of the Grand Isles, and known for their ironclad technology.

Kingdom of Burkeland

A midweight power to the direct north of the Grand Isles. They are known to intervene when the balance of power is disrupted.