Fort Verner

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Fort Verner is the spawn island and home island of Hallengard, formerly owned by Nova Balreska. It is located towards the north of the map.


The NPC Trader Fred is the vendor who sells cargo at Fort Verner.

List of Cargo
Cargo Price
Pottery 0 - 30 doubloons
Dolls 0 - 30 doubloons



The fort at Fort Verner is a series of wooden walls that encompasses the entire island. It is armed with 6 cannons; 2 facing the south, 2 facing the west, and 2 facing the north.


The island has 2 mortars located near the island's front entrance, that provides coverage for almost the entire island. The only blind spot between the two mortars are north of the island.


The prison at Fort Verner is a house with a chimney, behind Warehouse Manager Arkelstorp.

Sunken Atlas

Off the east shore of the island, there is a shipwrecked Atlas, that appears to have belonged to the Verner Expedition when they first arrive at this island. The Atlas contains a rough and unfinished map of the larger Tradelands world.


  • The loyalty merchant NPC vendor at Fort Verner used to be named Chieftain Ronald Drumpf. Their name and appearance was a reference to the former president of the United States, Donald J. Trump. This was changed after the election of Joe Biden to Naptain Joe, a reference to one of Trump's nicknames for Biden, "Sleepy Joe."