Verdantine Sovereignty

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Verdantine Sovereignty


Government System N/A
Current Leader N/A


Whitecrest N/A
Nova Balreska N/A
Hallengard N/A
Blackwind Pirates N/A

This article is about the formerly playable faction. For other uses, see Verdantium

The Verdantine Sovereignty was a playable faction existing from the release of the game until May 28, 2016. The faction controlled the islands of Verdantium (present-day Nova Balreska) and Perth. The leader, the Governor, was ordinarily elected by a democratic vote. However in late 2015, then-Governor Frauns proclaimed himself to be "Supreme Leader" of the faction, a title made official with the group rank changing its name accordingly. This marked the end of democratic elections in the faction.

In May 2016, the faction declared war on the Verner Expedition, with the Kingdom of Whitecrest joining the side of the Verner Expedition. Verdantium was soon defeated, resulting in its annexation and incorporation into Nova Balreska. Most members of Verdantium fled to the new nation of Hallengard (to which Verdantine player levels transferred to), whilst others became members of the Blackwind Pirates or stayed as new citizens of Nova Balreska.


Governor Time of Rule
Milbert23 May – September 2015
Fraunsnak September 2015 - May 2016
Waffles118 May 2016
T3X4NACTU4L May 2016


The Verdantine Sovereignty is referenced in the glowie material Verdantium and in multiple ways in the Sword and Star Tavern on the island of Verdantium (home island of Nova Balreska).

Shortly before the public release of Tradelands, Governor Milbert23 ordered a large cannon battery to be placed on the south end of the island. Nahr_Nahrstein jokingly responded by adding a large Duracell AA battery instead. He later placed a conventional cannon battery there, but the giant battery still exists inside the southernmost house on the island.

The Verdantine Sovereignty appeared to draw some inspiration from the real-world Soviet Union. The dockmaster and the shipwright were named Demitri Dubovedev and Vladimir Wooten respectively, and the group contained the ranks of Proletariat and Bourgeoisie - commonly used terms in the Revolutionary Russia.

In response to attempts to restore the faction, on March 24, 2020, the developers of the game sent a global broadcast to all Tradelands servers saying "verd is never coming back."

A developer broadcast saying 'verd is never coming back'

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