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Color Pastel Violet
Texture Neon
Prefix Stunning
Rarity Rare
Durability 7

Electrosteel is a violet-tinted, glowing metal. It is a very rare drop and has requirements in order to be mined. Electrosteel can only be mined using an Angelic Sapphire Pickaxe during a nighttime thunderstorm on non-spawn islands (not including Harrisburg). It can be used in a Pickaxe with Angelwood to mine Ice during night snowstorms on non-spawn islands.


  • Electrosteel is a damage-enhancing material.
  • An electrosteel weapon with a holy angelwood hilt (Holy Electrosteel) is the legendary variant, indicated by unique particles.
  • Electrosteel is the only mineable glowing material.
  • During the winter season, Electrosteel is not obtainable due to nighttime thunderstorms being replaced by nighttime snowstorms.
  • Using an Angelic Electrosteel Pickaxe during a nighttime snowstorm will yield Ice

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