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Resources are the materials which tools, weapons, cannons, and ships are made of. Most resources can be obtained through either mining, timberfelling, or purchase via the Premium Merchant. However, there is a set of premium materials which are only found on items from Mystery Crates, which occasionally go on sale at the Premium Merchant. These premium materials do not exist in a stackable item form, and thus are not found as part of the material list at a crafting station. Every item has a primary resource which gives the item its prefix and is usually cosmetic and a secondary resource which affects the durability of the tool, listed as the average number of hits it takes for the weapon to lose durability. Durability for cannons is the same regardless of materials, and thus materials are purely cosmetic on cannons.

Resource List

Material Prefix Durability
Iron Sturdy 6
Cast Iron Crude 3
Steel Reinforced 9
Blued Steel Robust 10
Copper Coppered 5
Silver Shiny 4
Gold Gilded 3
Pursteel Purshovian 10
Hardened Pursteel Tough 11
Emerald Majestic 4
Ruby Dazzling 4
Amethyst Royal 4
Sapphire Stately 4
Onyx Ominous 6
Salt Salty 1
Electrosteel Stunning 7
Ice Icy 5
Colebalt Edgy 8
Tuanite Rich 8
Nahrsteinium Nahrly 8
Sand Sandy 8
Sepsteel Uncommon 8
Composition L Lawful 8
Brekonium Alien 6
Lysian Steel Godly 15
Skelestone Boney Unknown
Heartsteel Amorous Unknown
Caterian Bronze Austral 9
Brass Posh Unknown
Polished Brass Unknown Unknown
Titanium Unknown Unknown
Redmetal Rogue 8
Eobloxium Indecisive 8
Markhamanite Chessy 8
Material Prefix
Oak N/A
Mahogany Fine
Elm Glorious
Ash Old
Cherry Magnificent
Ironwood Strong
Ebony Mysterious
Pine Plain
Spruce Regal
Inyolan Oak Imperial
Angelwood Angelic
Grimewood Grimey
Blood Oak Cursed
Heartwood Lovely
Pwnwood Exquisite
Moorian Hardwood Epic
Blue Pine Odd
Lemonwood Sour
Red Oak Rustic
Western Greenwood Western
Plumwood Purplish
Maple Dark
Cedar Aged
Yew Unique
Osage Peculiar
Acacia Impressive
Premium Materials
Material Prefix Durability
Charged Emerald Charged Majestic 6
Charged Ruby Charged Dazzling 6
Charged Amethyst Charged Royal 6
Charged Sapphire Charged Stately 6
Chrome Polished 6
Coldwood Cold 6
Deathmetal Deathly 8
Frosteel Frosted 6
Glass Transparent 6
Glowsteel Radiant 8
Glowood Glowing 6
Holiconium Sacred 8
Holy Angelwood Holy 6
Magmite Flaming 8
Marble Marvelous 6
Moonstone Lunar 6
Natnite Enchanting 6
Pink Glowsteel Cute 6
Rusted Iron Rusty 6
Santanite Jolly 6
Skyrite Mystical 6
Solsteel Sunny 6
Stalinium Biased 6
Stone Makeshift 6
Verdantium Toxic 6

Unique Material Combinations

Below is a table of materials in which specific primary and secondary resource combinations result in a unique or enhanced effect on a tool or weapon.

Combination Table
Primary Resource Secondary Resource Effect
Angelwood Sapphire Allows Pickaxes to mine Electrosteel during nighttime thunderstorms on non-spawn islands.
Angelwood Electrosteel Allows Pickaxes to mine Ice during nighttime snowstorms on non-spawn islands during the winter season.
Blood Oak Deathmetal Increases lifesteal from 50% of damage dealt to 100% of damage dealt.
Coldwood Frosteel Increases damage-over-time of weapons.
Coldwood Santanite Increases damage-over-time and stamina drain of weapons.
Composition L Electrosteel Increases damage-over-time and stamina drain of weapons.
Composition L Ice Increases damage-over-time and stamina drain of weapons.
Ebony Magmite Increases damage-over-time of weapons.
Frosteel Santanite Increases damage-over-time and stamina drain of weapons.
Grimewood Composition L Can be used to find if someone has the Northern Cough, has had it previously, or is naturally immune to it based off the color of blood when a player is hit with this combo.
Grimewood Verdantium Increases damage-over-time of weapons.
Holy Angelwood Electrosteel Increases damage-over-time and stamina drain of weapons.
Moorian Hardwood Lysian Steel Gains a lifesteal effect and increased damage.
Pwnwood Brekonium Increases damage-over-time of weapons.

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