High Quality Mold

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High Quality Mold


Obtained Purchase, Craft
Use Crafting

A High Quality Mold is a crafting material used to create higher-end weapons and weapon parts. It is obtained through purchase from the Loyalty Merchant for 3 loyalty tokens and from the Premium Merchant for 10 premium tokens or 10 Robux, or craft it at a Blacksmithing Station for 5 Cast Iron and 5 Beeswax.

These items require High Quality Molds to craft:  
Rapier 1 HQM
Smallsword 1 HQM
Stiletto 1 HQM
Battleaxe 1 HQM
Narrow Blade 1 HQM
Rapier Blade 1 HQM
Spearhead 1 HQM
Axe Head 1 HQM
Stiletto Blade 1 HQM
Strange Axe Head 1 HQM
Battle Axe Head 1 HQM
Long Blade 1 HQM
Hallengard Axe Head 1 HQM
Jeweled Guard 1 HQM
Musket 2 HQM
Officer's Pistol 2 HQM
Cutlass 3 HQM
Long Musket 3 HQM
Caplock Pistol 3 HQM
Caplock Musket 4 HQM
Flintlock Rifle 5 HQM

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