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Gunpowder is a crafting material used to create Flintlock Ammunition. It is made with 1 saltpeter and 2 coal.


  • In August 2017, a cave rumored to contain the hidden treasure of "Shady Mike" was discovered in Blackwind Cove, and the community was asked for donations of gunpowder in order to blow open its collapsed entrance. The top 100 people by amount of gunpowder donated received the Demolitionist title, the top 10 received a gunpowder barrel accessory and the title, and the top 3 received an oversized flintlock alongside the other rewards. This community contribution event led to 14,000 gunpowder being donated over the course of a few weeks.
  • This event surpassed the required goal of 10,000 gunpowder to open the cave, which led to the Roblox Ducktales Ruby promotional event taking place in Tradelands. The Ducktales Ruby event rewarded those who completed the obby in the cave with the Ducktales Ruby roblox gear, 50 ruby, and 5,000 doubloons for about a day, until the in-game rewards were cut due to several individuals being caught alt-farming the rewards and banned.

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