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Cannons are an essential part of Tradelands. They are used to combat enemy ships while on the open sea, or while defending a port against enemies. They vary in size and type, and they all require roundshot to fire. Firing a cannon in Tradelands accurately takes practice, and many players take pride in their ability to fire a cannon accurately to hit a target.


The controls for cannoning are different from other aspects of Tradelands. To aim a cannon left, press 'a', 'h' or the Left Arrow Key. To aim a cannon right, press 'd', 'k' or the Right Arrow Key To aim a cannon up, press 's', 'j', or the Down Arrow Key. To aim a cannon down, press 'w', 'j' or the Up Arrow Key. To fire a cannon, make sure you have any amount of roundshot in your inventory (or if you are in a crew on your captain's ship, any amount in the ammo storage container), and press either 'f' or 'l'. WASD with F to fire is the most common and usually most practical form of aiming and firing.

Crafting Cannons

Cannons are made by crafting them at the Crafting Station (although some cannons come equipped already on certain ships, such as the Minnowclad or the Super Steamfish and variants.) In order to craft them, you must have the required amount of wood and metal of your choosing. The size and type of cannon that can be crafted depend on your crafting level, as well as the durability of the cannons you craft. The highest possible durability a player can craft is 400/100, which is only doable by achieving a quite of bit of crafting experience after reaching Crafting level 10. Because cannons can be crafted with all craftable woods and metals in Tradelands, many players decorate their ships with cannons made out of expensive materials, such as gold or ebony wood.

Types and Sizes of Cannons

There are many different types and sizes of cannons in Tradelands. The types of cannons that can be crafted are Long guns, Carronades, Mortars, and Swivel guns. All of these types come in many different sizes and forms, which all have different purposes during combat.

Long guns are the most common type of cannon in Tradelands, as they are easy to control and aim, and fire long distances. Long guns are the most common cannon type as current ship combat relies heavily on the range of long guns.

Carronades are shorter and fatter than Long guns that do more damage but have a decreased range. The range of Carronades is much less than that of Long guns, and are not often used on ships where Long guns can be placed.

Mortars are a long-ranged armament that fire high-powered shots in an arch. Not every ship is mortar capable. Mortars are always forward-facing firepower. Mortars are great for inflicting damage on enemies from a long distance, longer than even the long gun, giving an advantage before a fight starts. Mortars can also be used to chase down and sink a fleeing enemy, stopping them from escaping. The downsides to mortars are their difficulty to use and their limited range. Mortars cannot fire on a ship that is too close and are also very hard to use, taking much more practice than other cannons, however, the Mortar is not impossible to learn and the most skilled naval entities have Mortarers who fire with almost 100% accuracy.

Swivels are far more different from the other 3 types of cannons. They don't fire roundshot nor damage ships. Swivels use Swivel Ammunition, which fires small shotgun-like pellets that damage players. They are primarily used to repel boarders due to their high spread and damage to players.

Universal cannons were added in Mystery Crates during Christmas 2022. These cannons do not have a particular size, they will fit on any slot adjusting to the largest size possible. Universal cannons can be Long Guns, Carronades or Mortars. Currently, these types of cannons can not be crafted.

As previously mentioned, all types of cannons, except for universal cannons, come in various sizes. This list is sorted by type of cannon and by size.

Long Gun
Light Size 1 Crafting Level 1
Medium Size 2 Crafting Level 7
Heavy Size 3 Crafting Level 9
Poseiden Long Gun Size 4 Crafting Level 10
Neptune Howitzer Size 5 Crafting Level 10
Neptune Twin Long Guns Size 5 Crafting Level 10
Light Size 1 Crafting Level 0
Medium Size 2 Crafting Level 5
Heavy Size 3 Crafting Level 7
Neptune Super-Carronade Size 5 Crafting Level 10
Light Size 1 Crafting Level 0
Medium Size 2 Crafting Level 5
Heavy Size 3 Crafting Level 7