Ship Vouchers

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Ship Vouchers


Obtained Purchase
Use Shipbuilding

Ship Vouchers are unique items that allow players to redeem, or help craft certain ships. These vouchers are usually released in specific mystery Mystery Crates or are redeemed at special merchants.

Voucher Rewards

Depending on which voucher you have, different rewards can be redeemed. Some vouchers will automatically redeem a ship, while others are crafted with additional resources.

Item Redeems
x1 Empty Barrel Titan
x1 Minnowclad Voucher Minnowclad
x3 Minnowclad Voucher RIOT Minnowclad
x3 Minnowclad Voucher Steamclad Minnowfish
x1 Super Steamfish Voucher Super Steamfish
x10 Super Steamfish Voucher Partyfish
x1 Mortar Platform Voucher Mortar Platform
x2 Mortar Platform Voucher War Koi
x1 Mark of the Nahrluminati Combat Log
x1 Steam Goose Voucher Steam Goose
x1 Taipan Voucher Taipan
x1 Kraken Voucher Kraken
x1 Fang Voucher Fang
x1 Nautilus Blueprint Nautilus
x1 Komodo Blueprint Komodo

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