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Blackwind Pirates Unknown

Inyola is an NPC (Non-Player-Controlled) faction in game lore. Inyola is located east of the Grand Isles as shown by the map in the sunken Atlas outside of Isle Hallengard. Inyolans have rarely shown themselves in the Grand Isles, being isolationist towards the western powers. Using their own Junk Ship design, they have barely sceen action in the Grand Isles, but a few occasions.


  • Inyola is named after Inyo22, a former game contributor.
  • The Ships Serpent, Kraken and Pangolin are confirmed naval ships of Inyola. While the Corsair is from Inyolan Rebels.
  • In the past, Inyola invaded the Kingdom of Whitecrest and occupied it for a short time until it eventually rebelled.
  • Inyola forbids foreign furnitures, making things such as domestically-produced gramophones one of the most unique ones around the World.
  • The late Emperor of Inyola, Piao, approved the creation of the Firelance before he fell ill due to the Northern Cough.
  • Inyola is confirmed to have had at least 2 Civil Wars trough out its existence.

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