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Owned Territories Unknown
Government System Unknown


Whitecrest Unknown
Nova Balreska Unknown
Hallengard Unknown
Blackwind Pirates Unknown

Aukai is a NPC (Non-Player-Controlled) faction. It is currently unknown where exactly the Aukai are, but they are known to be in the North of the Grand Isles. The Aukai are known for their longship designs and speaking their own unique language with their close relatives, Clan Hallengard.


  • The Pillager and A'u'kai Pillager are confirmed ships with Aukai origin.
  • During August 2022, the Wesselsohn's War Trophies & Warrior Challenge was an Aukai themed community event.
  • The Aukai have been hinted to be the original natives of Balresk, or as they call it "A'u'kai'pa"
  • The phrase "A'u'kai" roughly translates into "Good people" in the language of Aukai. While another important phrase for the Aukai is "A'u'kai'i taka'e a kai'i" that is used on multiple flags.

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