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Wesselsohn's War Trophies and the A'u'kai War Games were a series of events in July and August of 2022, orchestrated by "Vicking Wesselsohn." Wesselsohn's War Trophies was an auction in which participants bid on lots containing war trophies, which Vicking Wesselsohn had amassed throughout his travels in the north. The Aukai War games were a tournament in which participants fought in a series of events, to determine who was the Greatest A'u'kai Warrior.

Rules of the Auction

  • To enter the auction, you were required to have at least 1,000,000 doubloons in your warehouse.
  • All payment was required to be in doubloons.
  • Bidding increments were 100,000 doubloons in all lots.
  • Unlike previous auctions, no items were accepted as "tokens" to bid on future lots.

A'u'kai War Games Events

Event Rules
Raider Rampage (melee) Teams start with their raiders a short distance apart. They will board and kill the enemy team. No cannons allowed on the raiders.
Raider Race Teams start behind the wall section on the gray arena. The race route will take them around Perth and Fenwick. Finish the race by entering the blue arena. You may travel through the red arena or around it to reach the blue one.
Raider Scramble (naval battle) Teams start on opposite sides of the arena. Win the battle by sinking the enemy ship. You may respawn on the ship if killed and may not use handheld weapons.
Greatest A'u'kai Warrior Eight participants from the two highest scoring teams are selected to fight in a bracket-style tournament with battleaxes only to determine who is the Greatest A'u'kai Warrior.

Tournament Winners

Placement Greatest A'u'kai Warrior Team Combat
1st SweetBarbecueSauce Blood Rose Bandits (FortunaeRagnarok, dozer500, SlimyRushiP, FlenTiX, ZAHERO, TheBucketMan0517)
2nd Straywire Nova Balreska (SweetBarbecueSauce, Itz_TatSu, DrDiggeridoo, 000001_00001, Straywire, terminator1340)
3rd TheBucketMan0517 Kingdom of Whitecrest (Troll3274, Coulicus, Siduani, Vitalicus, Crashcp, PolarDistress)

Auction Prizes & Winners

Lot Prizes Starting Bid Winner Final Bid
1 A'u'kai Pillager 1,000,000 Doubloons Auixe 9,000,000 Doubloons
2 Great Conqueror Axe 20,000,000 Doubloons CursedKrampus 47,000,000 Doubloons
3 A'u'kai Pillager 10,000,000 Doubloons CursedKrampus 50,000,000 Doubloons
4 Longhouse Deed 1,000,000 Doubloons thvmas 15,000,000 Doubloons
5 A'u'kai Pillager 6,900,000 Doubloons dudehey111 22,000,000 Doubloons
6 Longhouse Deed 2,000,000 Doubloons Auixe 15,800,000 Doubloons
7 A'u'kai Pillager 1,000,000 Doubloons luabite 40,000,000 Doubloons
8 Siegebreaker Ballista 1,000,000 Doubloons Crashcp 12,100,000 Doubloons
9 A'u'kai Pillager 1,000,000 Doubloons Veinze 40,000,000 Doubloons
10 Longhouse Deed 10,000,000 Doubloons Auixe 16,200,000 Doubloons


  • A'u'kai Pillager
  • A'u'kai Longhouse
  • Axe of the Great Northern Conqueror
    Siegebreaker's Ballista
    A'u'kai Paddle
    Greatest A'u'kai Warrior Reward