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Obtained Purchase
Use Ship Customization

Figureheads are cosmetic items which can be added to ships to add features to the structure, usually a statue of sorts on the bow.

The following figureheads are available for purchase:

- Mermaid (Regular), 15 premium tokens or 5 loyalty tokens

- Mermaid (Bow), 30 premium tokens

- Mermaid (Torch), 35 premium tokens

- Mermaid (Antlers), 40 premium tokens

- Mercat, 25 premium tokens or 8 loyalty tokens

- Eagle, 30 premium tokens

- Angel, 50 premium tokens

- Protein Shake Pirate, 75 premium tokens

- Warrior, 75 premium tokens

- Samurai, 75 premium tokens

- Mystic Wizard, 75 premium tokens

- Poseidon, 50 premium tokens

- Kraken, 30 premium tokens

- Mozart, 50 premium tokens

- Neptune Upgrade, 100 premium tokens (adds extra side armor pieces and a cloth canopy above the ship to protect crew from mortars)

- Mercury Upgrade, 100 premium tokens (adds ladders onto the ship and railings around it)

- Poseidon Upgrade, 100 premium tokens (adds metal housing around the helmsman's position to protect him)

Figureheads that are currently off-sale:

- Headless Horseman

- Jinglehopper Upgrade, (adds garlands around the sides of the Binglehopper and a Christmas tree inside)

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