Combat Missions

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Combat Missions is an open beta player-versus-environment Game Mechanic in which the player is tasked with defeating NPC ships using Gunnery for a reward in doubloons. They can be found by interacting with the Bounty Hunter on spawnable islands.

Starting a Mission

In order to start a mission, the captain of a crew with a minimum size of 3 needs to spawn their ship, and interact with the Bounty Hunter, who will assign a mission judging by the captains' ship challenge level. The challenge level of a ship is depicted by it's armament, health and crew size. The enemy ship that will spawn, will be in the same challenge level as the captains' ship to properly balance the fight.

NPC Ships

The enemy ships that are to be defeated in the mission, are unplayable and have limitations:

  • Only the Captain's ship (or the ship that iniated the mission) can damage these ships.
  • Other ships, those that are not the captain's, can take damage if they are hit by the NPC ships.
  • They do not use Swivel Guns.
  • They can not be physically boarded.
  • They won't fire unless the ship is within line of sight of the cannons
  • Their cannons cannot be disarmed.

Difficulties and Tactics Level

The difficulty of the mission is determined by one of the five difficulties that the captain of the crew chooses beforehand. Harder difficulties can be unlocked once the player levels up their Tactics Skill. This skill can be upgraded by simply completing Combat Missions.

Tactics Skill Level Combat Mission Difficulty
0 Easy
1 Medium
2 Hard
5 Very Hard
10 Brutal


When the mission is completed, and the NPC ship has been sunk, the player receives rewards based on the difficulty of the mission, and a refund of the spent Round Shot that was fired by the player at the enemy ship.

Combat Mission Difficulty Reward in Doubloons
Easy 6000
Normal 8000
Hard 9000
Very Hard 11000
Brutal 13500