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The Tacken is a hidden boss that is summoned and fought near Blackwind Cove.

Summoning Ritual

Summoning rock

In order to summon the Tacken, there are a few prerequisites you need. At absolute minimum, you need to have:

  • 5 players, each with a Spoiled Hardtack
  • An account which has never spawned a ship holding cargo from Blackwind Cove
  • It must be nighttime

To perform the summoning, you have to go to the summoning rock near Blackwind, where the 5 players must each stand on a different platform of the pentagon with the new account standing in the direct middle. The players must then all eat the Spoiled Hardtack within a 3 second interval, forming a blue point above each player that connect into a pentagram as each player eats the Spoiled Hardtack. On a successful summon, lightning will strike the new account, killing it, and the pentagram will begin to rotate. On a failed summon, all existing points and lines will turn red and slowly dissipate.


The Tacken spawns with 65,000 health, and creates a large arena represented by large breadsticks and red walls connecting them. The Tacken will attack either the closest ship in range or, if no ships are inside of the arena when it spawns, the first ship to enter the arena. It will then approach the ship and, once in range, begin firing laser beams from its eyes and slowly circling the ship. The Tacken will keep firing on the same ship until sunk, at which point it will then attack the next closest ship or return to the center of the arena if no other ships are in range. If the ship the Tacken is currently attacking tries to leave the arena, the Tacken will become enraged, represented by a loud roaring and its eyes turning red, and begin firing its lasers at a much faster rate.

Upon reaching half health, the Tacken will float much higher into the air, where it will begin casting down energy waves that randomly target all ships inside of the arena. After approximately 30 seconds, the Tacken will stop and descend, attacking whichever ship is closest and returning to its original attack.

Tips and Strategies

  • The Tacken has two hitboxes, its eyes and its body. While the body is much larger and easier to hit, shots that hit the eyes will deal more damage than those that hit the body
  • The Tacken's attacks are nearly impossible to dodge, so its recommended to bring multiple ships with high health pools and ships that deal large amounts of damage. Some popular ships include the Alliance, Camel, Retaliator, and Binglehoppers or Neptunes equipped with Super Carronades
  • You can hit the Tacken with a mortar while its still in the air casting its energy waves


Killing the Tacken will always award anywhere from 10 to 60 Hardtack alongside a Tacken Trophy. The top 3 players who dealt the most damage will receive a gold, silver, or bronze trophy according to their place, with all other players receiving an Iron Tacken Trophy. The Tacken also has a set of rare drops, the chance of getting one also being dependent on how much damage a player dealt(the more damage dealt, the higher chance of getting a rare reward). These rare drops include:

  • Blade of Bread(materials are random)
  • Cat Trophy
  • Sheep Figurine
  • Horse Figurine


  • Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron Tacken Trophies(respectively)
  • Successful Tacken Ritual
  • Blade of Bread
  • Cat Trophy
  • Sapphire Horse Figurine
  • Sheep Figurine