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Mechanics in Tradelands are the various ways the player is able to interact with the game world, both through gameplay and its community. These mechanics range from how players acquire money to progression and govern everything about which the player is able to do as well as the restrictions the game places on them.

Gameplay Mechanics

Cargo Trading

One of two primary methods the player can acquire doubloons through the game, Cargo Trading is how most players will get started in the game in wealth, faction reputation, and levels and is often done on large, mercantile ships.


Bounties placed on players offer rewards to anyone who kills that player, with navy bounties being placed on notorious pirates rewarding navy ships for sinking them.

Combat Missions

A different way of earning doubloons is doing Combat Missions, in these missions you fight against AI ships with your crew. There are multiple levels of difficulty you can choose from.


Combat, as the name would imply, is how players are able to fight one another both in naval skirmishes and land-based battles.


Commands allow for the player to see small statistics or perform certain actions within the game.

Levels & Titles

Levels signify a player's progress across the various Skills in the game with accompanying titles to showcase that progress. As a player increases their experience in a skill, that skill's title will change every other level.


The Map is a helpful GUI which shows the player their position, direction, and islands in the region.


NPCs are the various characters and merchants the player uses to spawn or build ships, purchase items, and various other helpful tasks.


Piracy is the second method the game offers for earning doubloons involving stealing cargo from players on enemy factions. Stolen cargo gets a bonus to sell price to incentivize piracy and is often done using fast, maneuverable ships to intercept the large vessels used by traders.


A Mysterius Beast lurks near Blackwind Cove, that is only able to be summoned by Spoiled Hardtacks in the middle of the night on a strange formation of rocks. It is said, the ones who defeat it will earn a prize.


The main force with drives any sailship, Wind directly determines which directions a player's ship can travel in efficiently without the use of a steam engine. The angles the player can take into or against the wind depends on the ship they are using and its sail types.

Community Mechanics


A method for players to show off various creations and accomplishments to one another, Housing offers a personalized and customizable space for players to place and display various items and furnitures. Players can choose from an assortment of houses, each with its own set of expansions and add-ons or buy one of the physical addresses on the map.


The ultimate showcase of a faction's skill, official roleplay is how players can fight for their factions in the lore of Tradelands and gain various islands for their nation. Roleplay is constantly ongoing, and the best players are often chosen, serving as an effective incentive for players to continue to get better.