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Damage 1/10 (Lowest)
Range 1/10 (Shortest)
Swing Speed 10/10 (Fastest)
Stamina Usage 1/10 (Lowest)


Metal N/A
Wood N/A
Crafting Level N/A

The Knife is the starting weapon every player is given when they first join the game, known as the "Old Knife". The Old Knife has infinite durability, but knives of glowing/crate materials are obtainable via certain mystery crates. It should be noted that these crate-obtained knives do not have infinite durability.

The Knife swings fast, but its low damage and extremely limited range lead to it primarily being a novelty item. Knives made of glowing/crate materials with a combat effect such as Magmite, Verdantium, Deathmetal, Brekonium, Electrosteel, and Frosteel are usually either collected for display or used to quickly give multiple damage over time/lifesteal effects to an enemy in combat.

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