Flintlock Rifle

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Flintlock Rifle


Metal 24 Metal + 8 Iron
Wood 30
Blacksmithing Level 10
Other High Quality Mold x5, Use of a Blacksmithing Station


The Musket is a back-equipped ranged weapon. It requires Flintlock Ammunition to fire. Like all other Flintlock weapons (Flintlock Pistol, Musket, Officer's Pistol, and Long Musket), the Flintlock rifle has a short delay between the player clicking and the weapon firing. Meanwhile, Crossbows and Caplock weapons do not have this firing delay. The Flintlock Rifle has the greatest range and bullet velocity out of any ranged weapon.


  • The Flintlock Rifle has the most expensive crafting recipe out of all the ranged weapons, with the closest contender (Caplock Musket) taking 6 less wood and 1 less High Quality Mold.

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