Falchion (Custom Weapon)

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Falchion (Weapon).png


Damage 6/10 (Quite High)
Range 6/10 (Quite Long)
Swing Speed 4/10 (Quite Slow)
Stamina Usage 4/10 (Quite Low)


Blade Exotic Blade
  • 14x Metal, 14x Premium Token
Guard Exotic Guard
  • 6x Metal, 3x Premium Token
Hilt Any Hilt

The Falchion is a Custom Weapon sword that is often considered as a good sidegrade of the Sabre and Cutlass.

It requires the Exotic Blade and Exotic Guard piece and a random hilt to be assembled at the Custom Weapons Station. It is favored among players and navy members thanks to it's relatively cheap cost and because it is legal to use during Official Roleplay Events. It's 4-hit to kill damage makes it a good all-rounder in PvP-combat.

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