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- Added addition ship material customization options. Ships may be customized at the dockmaster. Some ships do not have customization options, but most have customizable mast colors. Many ships also have customizable deck colors as well as other options.

- Added 4 new ships: Chimera (Level 10 Mortar Ketch), Corsair (Level 10 Lorcha), Sigil (Level 10 Brig), Gryphon (Level 12 Mortar Ship)

- Updated Kestrel model.

- Updated hull model and moved Alliance to Level 12 (Recipes with Decking still available at Level 10. See below.)

- Readded Prometheus to shipwright with a price increase. There are no plans to bring back the Atlas or Astraeus at this time.

The gun crate on the Veteran Sparrow now works as an ammo box.

- Fixed a bug which caused the player to get stuck in some ships when teleporting to them.


- Added 5 new premium materials: Plumwood, Lemonwood, Red Oak, Blue Pine, Western Greenwood.  These materials will be on the premium vendor until noon eastern time on May 9th.

- Added craftable doubloon piles to Carpentry benches.  The piles can be scrapped to return the doubloons (does not return premium tokens).

- Added checkers board to Whitecrust Pizzaria

- Increased amount of Swivel Ammunition received per crafting operation to 20 (from 10).

- Increased amount of crossbow bolts received per crafting operation to 10 (from 5).

- Reduced costs of candles by 4 wax/tallow for each type.

- Deprecated "Decking" items for ship crafting. These items are no longer craftable, and existing decking may be used for ship construction for the next two weeks.  After that, ship recipes requiring decking will be removed.  If you build a ship with a colored deck from the shipwright, rejoin the game and your ship will automatically be converted to the new version of the ship with editable modules.


- Reduced costs (and taxes) for Shack and Balreskan houses.  The base level Shack is now almost free.

- Increased the amount of hits a mined rock can take before breaking (3x).

- Increased fish cargo prices by ~10% (~15% for Mackerel).

- Various other minor changes and bug fixes.