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Atlantis was one of the official events in Tradelands.

The Atlantis event took place between April 17th and May 5th, 2018. It consisted of two main quests and an optional side quest. The rewards for completing the event were two exclusive Roblox accessories; the Diver's Helmet and Aquatic Headphones. The event became known for it's use of the new Custom Weapons System, which was implemented into the game just prior to the event's launch.

Shortest Short Sword Quest

The Shortest Short Sword Quest asked the player to help the Old Captain retrieve missing custom weapon parts to the Shortest Short Sword. Three parts were scattered around the map, and after finding all the weapon parts, it was to be assembled on the Custom Weapon Station. Returning to the Old Captain after doing this gave the player a badge and the Aquatic Headphones accessory.

Sunken Ship Quest

The Sunken Ship Quest asked the player to find the Concerned Sailor's missing crew members, who unfortunately ended up in a shipwreck, your job was to check if they were still alive. After sailing to the portal, the player was teleported to The Lost Lands. The player had to find their way to the main ruins, invite a crew of 3 to 4 people (who would be the missing crew members according to Concerned Sailor), and the captain had to enter the door for the crew to be teleported to the Dungeon. The players had to work together to complete a number of puzzles to ultimately end up in the final room, where the players had to fight floating guardians with PvP. After defeating the guardians, the player was given the badge and the Diver's Helmet accessory.

Runic Sword


Damage 6/10 (Quite High)
Range 8/10 (Very Long)
Swing Speed 2/10 (Very Slow)
Stamina Usage 5/10 (Quite Low)


Metal N/A
Wood N/A
Crafting Level N/A

Runic Sword Quest

In this optional quest for the Runic Sword, the player had to do the quest three times with two players who have not done the Sunken Ship Quest before to get all Runic Sword parts, the Runic Hilt, the Runic Guard and finally the Runic Blade part. The three parts were to be assembled in the Custom Weapon Station, like in the Shortest Short Sword Quest. If players were rewarded the three parts already, a second set of parts could not be achieved using the same account. This was only an in-game item.


  • Unlike the Runic Sword, the Shortest Short Sword can not be traded in-game.
  • An assembled Runic Sword will get the prefix ‘Custom Longsword’.
  • In May 2022, the Runic Sword’s Brekonium parts were made brighter.

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