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The Kestrel is the first mortar ship most players will have access to. Its ability to mount a Medium Mortar provides a long-range combat capability unavailable to the average merchant or pirate, however it is rarely seen in combat due to being outclassed by the Manta in speed, durability, and firepower.



Type Ketch
Role Support
Hull Strength 11500
Speed 9
Turn Rate 12
Armament 4x Medium Cannon, 1x Medium Mortar (Bow)
Max Cargo 6
Round Shot Storage Storage for 40 Cannon Balls


Metal 60
Wood 280
Doubloons 15000
Level 5
Shipwright-Buddy.pngShipwright says... The Kestrel's reinforced bow allows her to be armed with a long-range mortar.


  • The Kestrel can be described as the "younger sister" of the Manta, as they have similar profiles, cannon layouts, and playstyles.

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